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by Harvey Banks on Sunday, September 30, 2012 10:00 AM
Although the use of piling equipment is widespread throughout the construction industry, there are often cases where site access is limited to the often large and unwieldy pile drivers used by many contractors. Not only is there the embarrassment and inconvenience that can sometimes happen when a piling rig is simply too big to reach the site, but there is the loss of productivity which can be damaging to companies, not only in terms of cost but scheduling.

This is where mini piling is the solution. Mini piling rigs are used in smaller projects from house extensions to sites with uneven or undulating ground. Fortunately, with our years of experience, MK Piling are specialist mini piling rig contractors. With experts in mini-piling rigs, we can offer Grundomat Driven Piles, Bored Cased Piles and also Drop Weight Driven Piles, ideal for small projects or locations where larger piling rigs simply cannot reach safely. Mini piling rigs are also ideal for locations where noise or vibration needs to be limited as much as possible, such as near residential or commercial properties.

So, for any building project, large or small, call us today to discuss your requirements.

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