Mini Piles

Mini piling rigs are the solution for piling work on smaller sites where access is tight. These are ideal on a wide range of projects including house extensions, detached plots and sites where environmental concerns are a priority.
If you're working on a smaller site, access can be one of the key headaches. With our mini piling systems, the problems are solved.

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Piling contractor Mini Piles takes care of projects large and small. Whatever the size of your project, it comes under our expert remit.

Grundomat Driven Piles

Grundomat driven piles create a highly effective piling solution. If access to a site is a problem, this is the ideal system.

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Bored Cased Piles

Bored cased piles, as the name suggests, are a hybrid of bored piles and cased piles. This piling solution offers numerous benefits combining the minimal vibration of a bored pile with the steel sleeve of a cased pile.

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Drop Weight Driven Piles

Drop weight driven piles are the mini piling system of choice where access is tight and where piles need to carry high loads and be driven to greater depths.

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