Grundomat Driven Piles

Piles driven by a Grundomat pile driving hammer are by far the most versatile providing maximum access in even the most difficult locations. Very often, Grundomat driven piles enable us to pile foundations in places that are simply inaccessible to other piling machines.

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Grundomat driven piles have frequently overcome access problems in a wide range of piling projects. Our two-man piling teams have used Grundomat driven piles in many hard to reach places including London underground stations and railway embankments.

Grundomat driven piles also offer minimal vibration. This is another key benefit and essential when piling has to be carried out with as little noise and disruption as possible. Extensions and conservatories in residential areas, for instance, are prime locations for Grundomat driven piles.

• 100 mm/150 mm/165 mm permanently steel-cased piles
• Minimum vibration
• Use almost anywhere
• SWL of up to 130 kN

No Piling mat required !