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Piling Services

Piling contractor Elite Piling and Foundations t/a Mini Piles offers a variety of solutions to suit individual customer needs. We offer a comprehensive range of piling methods designed to meet all kinds of requirements and provide effective solutions for many piling projects.dations t/a Mini Piles has earned an enviable reputation in the UK construction industry.

Whatever your project, our piling teams deliver unrivaled skill and versatility. Our forward thinking approach enables us to update our techniques and equipment to ensure clients have the most advanced practical solutions available.They can call on a range of piling services designed to meet the specific requirements of differing locations and various building designs. This is a must-have capability for any piling project that demands an exceptional, dependable and knowledgeable piling contractor.



Our company carries comprehensive
Employers Liability Insurance of £10 Million
Public Liability Insurance of £5 Million

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    Mini Piling

    Our Mini Piling systems provide the solution for piling contracts on smaller sites where access is tight and noise and vibration are an issue These are an ideal and versatile solution for a wide range of projects proving inaccessible to other piling rigs, including small house extensions, detached plots and sites of environmental concerns. If you are working on a smaller site then access can be one of the your key headaches. With our mini piling systems, your problems are solved!

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    Ground Beams

    To compliment the installation of piles we also offer a complete ground works package. This includes the provision and fabrication of reinforced steel cages and the construction of cast in-situ concrete ground beams. This work varies from individual domestic house extensions, multiple new build plots and commercial developments. Installation of ground beams enables the client to quickly commence building the structure

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    Other Services

    By providing a comprehensive range of additional services Elite Piling and Foundations t/a Mini Piles delivers total support and takes care of all aspects of your foundation work ensuring total peace of mind. Our Additonal Services include Setting out, Foundation Design Packages, and Pile Testing Service including Dynamic Load Tests and Integrity Tests.

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    Bored Cased Piles

    These piles are a hybrid of cased and bored piles and therefore offer the advantage of minimal vibration as the pile is first bored and then cased with steel. The machines used to install them can operate in areas where access is limited. Our experienced two-man teams expertly install these bored cased piles operating the combined auger/drop weight to reduce installation time to a minimum.

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